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"Powerful, visceral songs, packed with lucid imagery and delivered with total conviction - Robin is a true stand-out talent."
- Deb Grant, BBC6 Music

Robin Elliott is a songwriter and performer from the north-west of England. He’s usually based in London, with occasional decampments to São Paulo.

His debut album There is a Land was released in October 2023 to acclaim, garnering airplay on BBC6 Music and Selector Radio.

There are three previous EPs to his his name, and he has made several tours around the UK with contemporaries including Jeremy Tuplin, Jack Harris, and Samantha Whates, selling out London's famed Green Note multiple times, as well as performing further afield in France, Italy, and Brazil.

He began his career by fluking a job as in-house songwriter and composer at a TV and film production company, and to this day elements of his work linger in the backgrounds of Netflix and Channel 4.

His live band draws upon a roster of tremendously talented artists and performers from across the folk, art-pop, jazz, and alternative music scenes, amongst them Ben Walker, Samantha Whates, Francesca Pigeon (Dilettante), and Eric Ford (Partikel).

His second album, Parallel Lives, is slated for release in late 2024.

There is a Land:
“all the makings of a true folk classic… with this blend of the traditional and the progressive and keen sense of narrative lyricism, rich in imagery and wry in its delivery” Folk London

"There is a Land is a wonderfully ambitious and well-executed debut" Folk Radio UK

"A very fine album"
Americana UK

"a voice with personality, delicate textures and a sound that will leave you with endless sensations"
Zone Nights

"a future folk classic"

At Sunset:

“A bold collection of songs from one of the purest songwriting talents in music today”
For Folk’s Sake

Green Ginger Wine:

“A beautifully realised, insightfully conceived, and aesthetically penetrating piece of work, a gorgeous, entertaining and thought-provoking twenty-four minutes that disappoints only by its judicious brevity"
Oliver Arditti
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