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Robin Elliott is a songwriter, performer, and arranger, and one of the world's most revered polymaths.

He has released three dazzling EPs, has garnered some impressive film and TV soundtrack credits, and performed many, many gigs, despite being still relatively young and up-to-date.

Profoundly humble, he is also funnier and more self-deprecating than the majority of other artists and musicians you meet.

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“Powerful, visceral songs, packed with lucid imagery and delivered with total conviction - Robin is a true stand-out talent.” - Deb Grant, 6Music

“One of the purest songwriting talents in music today.”

- For Folk's Sake

“Elliott's songs ebb and flow like poems, rich in imagery and sentiment.”

- PRS For Music

I'm quite #antisocials.

I use them to promote gigs and releases - my links are to the right – but other than that I try to use them as little as I can.

This is partly because spending time on social media makes me feel very very unhappy very very quickly, and partly because I don't really wish to support those companies. I'd prefer to minimise the extent that I'm forced to support them indirectly by providing content via their platforms. But it's tricky. You know.


That said, a lot of people enjoy the hell out of them, and that shouldn't be discounted.

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